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About Us

Sal & Bonnie Romano, the owners and founders of POPPA-ARTZEE have resided in Arizona for the past 27 years and currently reside with their 2 long haired miniature dachshunds who are the models for pillow numbers 1 & 2.  They feel very fortunate to be doing something they love and that makes people smile. 

Sal, a New York native and veteran, attended The Art Careers School in Manhattan under the GI Bill and later headed up his own international design firm for 30 years. He has always been interested in the arts, including sculpting and painting. 

Bonnie is from Houston, Texas and attended Southwestern University in Georgetown and Universidad de Las Americas in Mexico City, graduating from Southwestern with majors in Spanish and English.  She then worked for Pan Am, based in New York and remained there for 25 years during which time she met Sal.